Short biography

Martina Giordano was born in 2000 in Turin, but she always resided in Cuneo where she finished her studies at the high school up to the diplome certificate and where she is trained in the stable managed by her father and instructor Flavio Giordano. She started riding at the age of 8 and immediately emerges the naturalness and correctness in her attitude when riding and her strong instinct in facing the competitions. Together with her brother Nicolas, with whom she has an excellent relationship based on affection and great complicity, she begins and continues his competitive career, at first in the pony sector and later with their horses. Humble and reserved personality, Martina dedicates her day to her passion with the intent of transforming all this into her profession. Excellent athlete, she has participated as a member of the national team in a number of CSIO ponies, Junior and Young Rider with excellent results. Furthermore, Martina has already participated in a stage of the Verona World Cup in 2019 and took part in two European pony championships: Arezzo in 2013 and Millstreet in 2014.