24 July 2018
Complementary horse feed

PHC Relax

horse feed designed for the choice of feedstuffs used as ingredients and fot its vitamine supplememntation to supply an adeguate energy amount to all these horses considered excited, irritable or tense, respecting their mental balance.

flaked barley, rice middlings, exhausted beet pulps, soybean* hulls, wheat bran, flaked maize, dehydrated hay meal, extruded soybean* , calcium carbonate,  sodium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, sugar cane molasses, Lignosulfite, l-lysine, dl-methionine, l-tryptophan.
*from genetically modified soybean

Istructions for use:
feed about 600 to 1,200 g/100 kg live weight daily, together with good quality forage, not too high in protein.

Additives for KG:
3a672 VIT. A 11000 IU – 3a671 VIT. D3 2200U – 3a700 VIT.E (all-rac-alfatocoferile acetate) 81,18 mg –3a821 VIT. B1 (Thiamin mononitrate) 12 mg –3a825ii VIT. B2 (Riboflavin) 16 mg – 3a831 VIT. B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 11 mg – 3a315 Niacin 53,97 mg – 3a880 VIT. H (Biotin) 0,59 mg – 3a300 Vit. C (L-ascorbic acid) 160 mg – 3a711 Vitamin K 3MNB 5,7 mg – VIT. B12 (Cyanocobalamine) 0,11 mg – 3a841 Calcium D-pantothenate 20 mg – 3a890 Choline hydrochloride 760 mg – 3a316 Folic ACID 6 mg.

Trace elements:
3b203 Iodine (Calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1,6 mg – 3b405 Copper solfate, pentahydrate 22mg – 3b101 Ferrous carbonate 108 mg – 3b103 Ferrous solfate, monohydrate 54 mg –3b502 Manganese (Manganese oxide) 140 mg – 3b801 Sodium selenite 0,22 mg – 3b603 Zinc oxyde 125 mg

Technologic Additives:
1a330Citric acid 8,4mg – E562 Sepiolite 1600 mg –Rosemary extract 24 mg – E310 Propyl gallate 90mg – E551c Kieselgur 60 mg – E551 a Silicic acid, precipitated and dried 24 mg. – E321 Butilidrossitoluene (BHT) 0,001mg –  Mixture of flavoring substances 0,042mg

Approximate dailyquantities (kg) for different body weight and workload 400 Kg 500 Kg 600 Kg
At Rest 2 2,5 3
Light Work 3 3,5 4
Heavy Work 4 4,5 5,5

Bag kg


Crude Protein


Ether Extract


Crude Fiber








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