Our feeds

For the sport

Our feeds meet the energy demands of those engaged in various high-level sports activities.


PHC line

The Mangimificio il Palazzetto, producing high quality compound feeds exclusively for horses since more than 20 years, presents now the exlusive and innovative new line PHC – PALAZZETTO HORSE CARE. Born from the union of practical knowledge of the Mangimificio il Palazzetto supported by the studies and experience of Dr. Domenico Bergero, a graduate of the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, to create specific products that help manage the nutritional pathologies of horses.

Our line

Palazzetto Fiber Dynamic

This product line rise from the need to satisfy the requirements of highly sensitive horses, that have difficulties in attaining the optimal physical condition using traditional products.
Every horseman or horsewoman knows that an horse must find its balance to exploit at the maximum levels its abilities, independently from the required activity level. A correct feeding plays a key role in this challenge; the PFD line offers 4 new products with the aim of finding the best balanced rationing on individual basis.
PFD (Palazzetto Fiber Dynamic) line formulation was designed in order to exploit the natural ability of the horses to get energy from dietetic fiber. As usual for our company, the raw materials (simple feeds) used are of the highest quality and the formulas stay constant in time.
For the PFD line some ingredients rich in hemicellulose have been used. We added valuable sources of fats, while balancing the protein supply with the addition of extruded meals with high biological value: these decisions led to an important decrease in the nonstructural carbohydrates (starch in particular).
Moreover, a first level vitamin – trace elements supplementation provides these products a strong completeness: this will allow you to enjoy a fit companion even in the worst stressful and hard conditions.
This product line can be utilized by all kind of horses, by selecting the most recommended product depending on the activity required.



Our mashes are composed of raw materials, with refreshing and emollient substances that protect the digestive system of the horse and can be used as a substitute for a meal of concentrates to give a caloric diet or as a regular supplement to the daily dish to increase the daily fiber intake.

Our feeds

For the breeding

Our feeds have been studied both to give the mares a complete supply of nutrients for the correct development of the fetus during pregnancy, and to support the high biological needs during the growth and development of the foal.


Base feeds

These feeds are designed for those who perform a medium-sized sporting commitment, medium-duration workouts or with a daily and continuous workload.


Simple feeds

These feeds are perfect to use as a supplement to all types of feed to increase the energy value of your horses.


Custom feeds

The Mangimificio il Palazzetto has the possibility to create customized formulations on request, in collaboration with your veterinarian, feeder and / or with the technicians present in the company. We can create targeted formulas to better manage stables, breeding and training centers with specific needs.

To request technical advice on new formulations contact the technical service:

Technical Manager
Phone: +39 0141 299153
Fax: +39 0141 299478




The Mangimificio il Palazzetto proposes a cage to contain still-stored feeds in order to correctly store the feed until the last sack without being damaged by rats, pigeons and other harmful ones avoiding those waste due to storage times. The structure is a parallelepiped with three walls, roof, door floor with two-leaf closing, of galvanized metal in order to guarantee easy maintenance. Transportable by courier, it can be assembled on site, or moved later, with simple joints without the use of bolts. The measures of the cage shown in the photos is 140×200 cm H 200 cm and is suitable for the containment of 2 Epal pallets. The estimate can also be formulated for different sizes according to customer needs. About 30 days are necessary for the artisanal production of the structure itself.