23 July 2018
Complementary horse feed


The Equilibriun horse feed is designed to meet the needs for an improved accuracy in ration formulation, by using high biological value proteins together with a carefully considered trace elements and vitamins supplementation. The choice of using the best natural protein sources stand for a well digestible and utilizable formulation, helpful to fulfill the amino acid horse’s requirements in all different growth and work conditions. As to particular features of this formula, an high but balanced content of selenium and vitamin E was introduced because these nutrients are often lacking, at least partially, in common rations.
Equilibrium horse feed can be used together with simple feeds as cereals or complementary compound feeds to meet in proper way individual needs.

Soybean meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, sunflower meal, rice middlings, cane molasses, extruded whole linseed, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, L – lysine, DL – methionine, inactivated yeast from Saccaharomyces Cerevisiae strain NCYCSc47RegN4b17

Additives for KG:
Nutritional supplements: 3a672a VIT. A 150000 UI, 3a671 VIT.D3 8000 UI, 3a700 VIT. E (alfa-tocopheryl acetate) 110 mg, 3a821 VIT. B1 (Thiaminemono-nitrate) 102 mg, VIT.B2 (Riboflavin) 79 mg, 3a831 Vit B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride) 80 mg, 3a841 Calcium D-Pantothenate 85 mg, 3a880 Biotin 2,5 mg, 3a300 Vit C (ascorbic acid) 810 mg, 3a711 Vitamina K3 (MNB) 120 mg, VIT B12 (Cyano-cobalamin) 0,55 mg, 3a316 Folic Acid 30 mg, 3a890 Coline (Choline chloride) 1500 mg, 3a314 Niacin 120 mg, 3a315 Niacinamide 100 mg, 3c301 DL-Methionine technically pure 490 mg, 3.2.3. L- Lisine chlorhydrate 21000 mg, 3b406 Cu amino-acid chelate,hydrate 35 mg, 3b405 Cu sulphate,penta-hydrate 180 mg, 3b303 Co hydroxide carbonate mono -hydrated 0,7 mg, 3b304 Co carbonate 0,9 mg, 3b101 Fe carbonate 200 mg, 3b106 Fe II amino-acid chelate,hydrate 140 mg, 3b103 Fe sulphate 85 mg, 3b503 Mn sulphate mono-hydrate 120 mg, 3b503 Mn amino-acid chelate, hydrate 20 mg, 3b502 Mn oxide 85 mg, 3b8.12 Se-methionine from Sacc.cer.CNCM.13399 36 mg, 3b801 Sodium selenite 1,8 mg, 3b606 Zn amino-acid chelate, hydrated 50 mg, 3b603 Zn oxide 300 mg, 3b605 Zn sulphate, mono-hydrate 60 mg, 3b203 Calcium iodate, anhydrous 4,5mg.

Performance promoters:
4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NCYC Sc 47 7x 10⁹ CFU.

Technological additives:
E562 Sepiolite 300 mg, E551a Dried silicic precipitate 140 mg, E330 Citric Acid 65 mg, E310 Propyl gallate 200 mg, Rosmarinus officinalis L: Rosmary oil CAS800-25-7FEMA2992Co E406E 120 mg.

Istructions for use:
Equilibrium can be used as a complementary feed in different kinds of daily rationing (based on compound feeds or cereals) when an extra protein need is to be covered with a well balanced product:

Physiological state Activity In addition to compound complementary feed In addition to flaked cereals
Maintenance No activity 0,3 Kg 0,5 kg
Working Light work
Medium work
hard work
0,5 Kg
1,0 Kg
1,5 Kg
0,8 Kg
1,5 Kg
2,0 Kg
Broodmares 0-9° month of pregnancy
9°-11° month of pregnancy
0,5 Kg
0,8 Kg
1,5 Kg
0,8 Kg
1,0 Kg
2,0 Kg
Foals Aged 4-6 months
Aged 7-24 months
0,3 Kg
1,0 Kg
0,5 Kg
1,5 Kg

Bag 25 kg


Crude Protein


Ether Extract


Crude Fiber








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