The wellness of all horses

starts from what they eat

The Mangimificio il Palazzetto is an italian company that started its activity 25 years ago in Asti (Italy) with the target to create specific feeds exclusively for horses. Since ever the theory, research, sperimentations and practice link together in order to offer high quality aliments able to satisfy on the highest critery basis the exigencies of the athlete, breeding and daily managing of all horse owners.

Many of the feedstuffs used for the production of our feeds are directly produced in our farms without phytotoxic treatments. None of our formulations contain byproducts or feedstocks that have already been used as energetic sources for human feeding. All of our products are supplemented with vitaminic complexes, amino-acids and minerals of first quality. The production line includes different formulations that cover all the horse’s sportive and physiologic needs.

Twenty years of experience and the collaboration with Prof. Domenico Bergero have allowed us to develop a line of special feeds PHC (Palazzetto Horse Care) able to offer a targeted help in the management of pathology related to nutrition. Personalized feeds able to respond to the single exigencies are regularly produced in collaboration with the owners and the veterinarians.


Working Feed

The best raw material

for high quality products

To feed horses typically two kinds of ingredients are used cereals (oats, barley, maize, etc.) and legumes (soybeans, horse beans etc.) treated in different ways: as whole grains, crushed, steam flaked.

The choice of the processing is depending on the aim of the feeding plan, for example to maintain the physiological activities of the horse, to achieve an optimal growth of the foal, to serve as the basis for exercise activities of different kind and level and so on.

Cereal grains

The cerals, when fed as whole grains, need longer digestibility times, and for some of these product the digestibility rate is not optimal. Strongly not recommended to fed legumes in this form, due to the presence of anti-nutritional substances.


Pelletting is a process that involves – normally – the use of different ingredients, grinded up to obtain flour and mixed. This mix is pressed and “pellets” are produced. In this way, different ingredients can be accepted by horses. Almost all the ingredients of hrse feedstuffs can be grinded and pelletted.
The Mangimificio il Palazzetto uses a pelletting machine working at low temperature, utilizing only pressure, thus maintaining the optimal content of nutrients, even if they are suffering for high temperatures during the production process. The principle is different for steam pelletting machines. For the production of pellets, the Palazzetto Horse Feeds plant uses only first class ingredients, and no byproducts.

Steam flaking

This kind of processing includes cooking, in humid environment, cereals and legumes.
Whole grains are inserted in a cooking device where steam at a temperature of 118 ° Celsius is introduced. Cooking time is variable between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the material to be treated.
When cooking is finished, the grains are pressed between rollers and then air dried; in this way, the treated grains can be stored in silos.
This cooking process involves starch de-polymerization and destrinization, thus increasing the digestibility. The legumes, as steam flakes, are safe because the contained anti nutrients are inactivated, and nutrients are then available for digestion and absorption.


Raw material

The choice of the Mangimificio il Palazzetto has always been to use only top quality ingredients, no by-products, supplements tested by the best companies are the secret for a Top Class product. For the acquired we always turn to historical suppliers that guarantee the quality.