24 July 2018
Complementary horse feed

PHC Metabolic

This horse feed, for its abundance in highly digestible fiber, for its variety of energy sources and for its quality as to protein and supplementation contents is an effective support – together with a specific plan of physical activity – for the recovery of individuals that have intolerances to starch rich ration, in particular if these horses have high body condition score. It can be effective also in case of previous laminits occurance.

soybean hulls*, rice middlings, dehydrated hay meal, exhausted beet pulps, sunflower meal, extruded linseed, calcium carbonate, Lignosulfite, sodium chloride, dicalcium phosphate, L-Lisyne, yeast inactivated Saccharomyces Cerevisiae strain NCYC Sc47Reg n4b1702.
*(from genetically modified soybean)

Istructions for use:
feed about 400 to 1,000 g/100 kg live weight daily, together with good quality forage, not too high in protein. Refer to our technical support in case of important weight loss or for the management of chronic or subacute laminitis.

Additives for KG:
3a672 VIT. A 10679IU – 3a671 VIT. D3 1738IU – 3a700VIT.E (all-rac-alfatocoferile acetate) 400 mg – 3a821VIT. B1 (Thiamin mononitrate) 8 mg – 3a825ii VIT. B2 (Riboflavin) 12 mg – 3a831 VIT. B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 9mg – 3a314 Niacin 47 mg – 3a880 VIT. H (Biotin) 0,53 mg – 3a711 Vitamin K3 MNB 5 mg – VIT. B12 (Cyanocobalamine) 0,1 mg – 3a841 Calcium D-pantothenate 16 mg – 3a300  Vit C Ascorbic – Acid 140mg – 3a890 Choline hydrochloride 560 mg – 3a316 Folic ACID 5mg.

Trace elements:
3b203 Iodine (Calcium iodate, anhydrous) 1,5 mg – 3b405 Copper solfate, pentahydrate 19 mg – 3b101 Ferrous carbonate 90 mg – 3b103 Ferrous solfate, monohydrate 45mg – 3b502 Manganese (Manganese oxide) 70 mg – 3b503 Manganese solfate, monohydrate 6mg – 3b801 Sodium selenite 0,20 mg – 3b603 Zinc oxyde 95 mg – 3b815 L-Seleniometionine 0,1mg

Technologic Additives:
1a330 Citric acid 85 mg – E562 Sepiolite 500mg – Rosemary extract 40 mg – E310 Propyl gallate 150 mg – E551c Kieselgur 100 mg – E551a Silicic acid, precipitated and dried 92 mg – E321  Butilidrossitoluene (BHT) 0,001mg – Mixture of flavoring substances 0,5mg

Bag 25 kg


Crude Protein


Ether Extract


Crude Fiber








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