Short biography

Giulia Martinengo Marquet was born on 7 March 1979 in Palmanova (Udine), Italy, and is part of the Italian Army Air Force Sports Group. Born and raised in the stable, she has been riding since she learned to walk and immediately realized that her passion for horse riding was too strong to be just a hobby, so she made it her profession and, after all, her whole life. Together with Stefano Cesaretto, her husband and trainer, she founded SGH Stables – a leading company in Italy and internationally known for the selection and enhancement of sport horses – over 10 years ago; today partner of Scuderia 1918. The partnership between the two, Giulia’s talent in the saddle and the team that surrounds them with professionalism and passion allowed a constant growth in sporting results. These can be seen by Giulia’s regular presence in Team Italia with numerous horses and by being the only Italian rider to have won two gold medals (in 2015 on Istafan Sissi and in 2018 with Verdine) and two silver medals (in 2017 with Fine Edition and in 2021 with Elzas) at the Absolute Italians Championships. At an international level, Giulia also obtained prestigious results such as the victory in the Nations Cup in the Rome Grand Prix in 2018 (with Verdine), the fourth place overall in the Rome Grand Prix in 2008 and the fifth place in 2019. She was also a member of the Italian team at the Manheim European Championships 2007 with Athletica, Madrid 2011 with Chiclana and Rotterdam 2019 with Elzas.