13 December 2017
Quality Haylage


The Mangimificio il Palazzetto is the only importer of a hay vacuum-packed in polythene ballets EQUILAGE – QUALITY HAYLAGE produced and worked in Great Britain.

Equilage consists of only ryegrass hay with high biological value grown in green England.
The administration of a properly preserved, high quality, semi-moist product with constant nutritional values ​​is guaranteed.

The vacuum storage mode creates a haymaking free of traditional molds of dried hay in the field responsible for many respiratory allergies. Naturally, it does not lack the pleasant characteristic aroma of silage products which naturally make them much more palatable to horses less fond of traditional hay. The product is presented in the same form as a traditional hay, guaranteeing the consumption time of the daily ration.

The packaging in 25 kg bales wrapped in thick opaque polythene makes the product easy to transport and comfortable to handle in the stable.
When the ballet is opened, it must be used for a maximum of 7 days, keeping it completely without the plastic wrapping.


Raw protein




Pack 25 kg

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